Thursday, 16 April 2009

some day i'll make it there, some day..

test shit from old crow on Vimeo.

PA.. this shit is way to awesome. check out brian foster's scrub over "that roller"

Some much needed RAIN!!!!

Thankfully!!! its raining again. feels weird saying that but yeah, i mean it buddy!
Annes needs some love and this weekend is the one for some hefty digging while we have a little bit of rain about. The place has been so dry lately.... like the bleedin gobi desert or something.
So come help out. YOu know who you are!!!!

Waveriders is Epic....MANNN!!

More Other >>

ferrel travelers.. yeah man, i'm in.

this movie made me go surfing(falling) in bundoran last weekend. sweet fun.

Jele is having his going away jam at his trails at the start of june, dirty begger.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

GLX Jelly legs Jele has been busy

the galway back yard has been getting its final makeover. Jele and frank have been busy spending their €204 a week on blazing, chinese food and baveria to keep their diggin spirits high.
cant wait, the Jele farewell Jam looks to be a good un.
when is it gonna be Jele?? WHEN???
look at this guy, i mean seriously C'mon...

Friday, 3 April 2009

Tony Hawk skating the bowl that is about 500 meters from my house this morning

Damn work


summer is coming

Joey sent me a link to this wicked awesome blog about motorbikes surf and beards.
do your self a favour and spend ages looking at the inspirational pics, man this makes me wanna go on another motorbike adventure!!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

yer off yer bleedin head man

Alfred, needle right!

Tim table

smiles for miles, this aint no walk of shame

Winch 2 part deux

some more little pictures for the internet vultures from last weekend
Rory just cruising along
fucking pissheads

juice boss!!!!
Davros after the marathon of a line, needle left into small.... man im outta breath just writing it
me table in the dark.

I've got a few more little beauties that i'll stick up it the next few days..i better get back to work so i dont get fired and end up an unemployed bum like cash and rocko....bums

bushy is open till 7.30 today WOO HOO, summer is here

Usefull Information

Left-handed Burger

Burger King announced a new dish on April 1st 1998.

‘We have a great new item for our menu,’ an advertisement in USA Today claimed. ‘The Left-handed Whopper has been specially designed for the 32 million left-handed Americans.'

The new product included the same ingredients as the original Whopper - with one important change. ‘We have rotated the burger 180 degrees,’ the company announced. ‘Now our left-handed customers can enjoy the Whopper in even greater comfort.’

Right-handed Burger?

Until this time left-handed people had not noticed problems eating hamburgers. But that day thousands of customers had gone into restaurants to request the new sandwich. And "many others” asked for their own 'right handed' burgers.


So Andy, Alfred, Quinn and myself went to winchester last weekend for a nibble at the amazing barend.
massive thanks Davros and Gav for looking after us and having amazing trails. barend locals are awesome dudes with an awesome hut
i took a few pretty rubbish pictures with my digi camera but the screen is broke so i cant tell what the picture is like untill i see it on a computer, kinda like waiting to develop film eh!!! well nah, it aint that cool, its pretty shit actually.
cothill is amazing too...really amazing. aidens spins are wild.

good train, bad photo timing. Alfred & Andy cruising down the needle right
obligatory cothil pic. that hut is sweet, roller aint bad either
alfred and davros building sandcastles in the sun, these trails are so easy to fix but also so easy to mess then up
Local doing what locals do..dialling!
Taxi Gav driving his future house, cheers mate