Sunday, 27 June 2010

haha, only quinner

fucking beast

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Breaking news from mondays OAP sesh/bbq
- The wolfman quits bmx due to period cramps
- Quinner ditches donaghmede flyout contest to go fishing
- Quinner ditches wolfies 30inch beast on magnum a few times much to wolfies dismay
- Jele is the handbrake goddess of annes
- Oran wins a sausage for best kickout but billy wants a rematch
- Chuckies club is almost official
- McGarry tries to stage a pumptrack comeback but is cut down a peg or two by boy wonder Guy

yesterday evening is what summer is all about, longest day of the year, amazing weather, good friends, good moaning, BBQ, trails running dialled..... we can look forward to plenty more of that to come all summer long.
Come down to help dig so we can all really reap the true rewards of our trails. there is enough new little lines that need work so every shovel full helps

Juiceboss Tshirts will be available real soon. Hassle the shit out of jele about this one, He's got it under wraps though.
All money raised from the sale of the Tshirts is going directly back into the trails to help make annes a better place so help out and buy one.

There was about a million people taking pictures yesterday at the trails so im sure some will surface soon.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

happy tuesday

Oh man you would not want to eat shit at 39seconds... jaysus!!
banging song too

Slab Hunting in Scotland from Allyn Harper on Vimeo.

i reckon having a bunch of dudes like this following you around playing that song as your theme tume would be so awesome... oh man if i ever win the lotto thats what im gonna do.
I'd probably make the fuckers dig at the trails too.

DIG you keytar motherfuckers