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Thursday, 16 December 2010

trails mecca, very different to our poxy snowy trailsless hell winter

probably some of the best trails spots in the world.... comon summer, whats all this snow shite about. well im gonna get the man axe out to a fallen tree on sunday and chop the bag out of it if anyone fancies lending a hand. gonna use it for filler on "dominator" landing. wolfie came up with the name dominator by the way, so hassle him about it if you want

Pennsylvania Trail Tour from Sunday Bikes

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


click the picture to see it bigger.
once that massive landing and berm gets built on 4th reich so much shit will open up.
i reckon a few serious heavy digging days after christmas will get a lot of that landing and berm built. there is a couple of fallen trees that we can chop and use for filler too.
also i reckon making the OAP tables bigger would be good and put in a step up trick jumps after them...
its gonna be sweet.
- technodrome will join into 3rd on kiddies.
- after magnum/notorious you will be able to join into kiddies extension for a mega long run.
- there is gonna be a new lip after 3rd on notorious to join into the bottom end of 4th reich
- leslar is gonna get bigger
if you have any other good ideas send em in on a postcard

Saturday, 4 December 2010

more really nice looking french trails

i came across this on
looks like some really creative lines. Oh man it would be sweet to visit some of those awesome french trails this summer coming

Eyoka trails by greg from JeremyMuller on Vimeo.