Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Please Read

As you might have heard, Anne's is at serious risk of getting plowed.
the head of the park is not happy about the way the place has expanded so much lately and has threatened to flatten the place within 2 weeks unless some serious steps are made.
We are trying to organise a massive cleanup/overhaul/landscaping job for the next few days.
We need to get as much help as possible every day until Monday.
You can get in touch with with any of us to arrange helping out
me0863110281 rory0863670881 andy0879620027 jele0879632893
Please bring your own tools if you can, we only have a small amount of our own. shovels, picks, barrows, bin bags. we need a lot of rakes to level out the rough ground so if you can manage to bring one that would be wicked.
Please pass this on to as many people as possible to spread the word.
This is quite serious, if do not come to some agreement with the park the the jumps most definitely will be flattened.
The future of the jumps depends on your help

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Annes in danger of getting plowed!!!!!

i just got this message this morning from a very reliable source....

'Mick is not happy. He will level the annes within two weeks unless we can make him happy'

Mick is the man in charge of st annes and he is the fella who is letting us have jumps there. I dont know much details yet but i will find out later what is causing the problem and what WE can do to fix it. I assume we will have to meet up and come to some sort of agreement. Hopefully we can talk our way out of this. i think we are going to have to do a lot of cleaning up work where all the new digging has been going on, to be fair it looks like a bomb went off there.... more info when i find out

Monday, 29 March 2010

yeah, good luck with this one

I just noticed this ad to the right

Wet Thing!!!!!!
its awesome how google automatically puts on ads with wet things.. love it

Jaysus what a hectic weekend

These trails aint giving no period refief these days; image by donnacha

The pocket pussey dies, germans made this thing from swiss cheese

Meat flying visit spring 10

The meatman called down for a quick visit on his visa hop trip before he had to get back up to the crucibal for his snooker showdown of fury. good sesh was had in bobby bushey on sunday with a few hangovers floating about after the redneck gig on sat nighT. Trains and collisions were plentyfull

Trails on saturday was banging. it started a bit wet and slippy but bit of digging to pass the time and it dried up to have dialled as fuck session in the evening..... fucking carnage, andy got no period relief because he didnt even get as far as the period relief line, those rollers are mean and vicious, got served.
dan wolfe snapped that pocket pussey glory hole thing that he has been riding for about 3 weeks.
rory smashed his head pretty hard, lucky it was his head, not some part of his body that carries out any sort of function, little headache and he was grand.
jele done a handbraker over the 4th on magnum but forgot to put his hand back on the steering wheel, but still wellied into the 5th, haha, the fucker went flying on his arse from about 10ft up. The wolf mans brake goes on and off more times that the fucking toilet seat in the dhc goes up and down... oh man what a good day

Jeles lidl shovel is amazing for shaping fresh dirt. im off to buy one this evening

This mike aitken interview is pretty awesome, read it

Monday, 22 March 2010

Get yer bleedin laughing gear around this love

Spin to win, quinner got a surprise visit from the winning streak crew when they called to his mansion in drumcondra after he 450'd the last jump. Kathern Thomas was a wet thing and wanted to pull the mickey off him. poor richie ended up with yer man, he was pissed cause he wanted marty whelan! fact

Get some, those long handeled ones are badass for shaping shit in. They are really really good, stock up cheapskates. they are gonn abe in lidl on thur this week.

redneck manifesto are playing this saturday... fucking shit hot, cant wait for this one!!!

I almost forgot, i saw this on
deffo one of my favourite riders to watch ride trails... amazing

Darin Read BREAKFA$T $HIT from Davey Watson on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

sunny saturdays

another weekend of amazing trails, we are on a roll. the wolf man chipped his tooth, filled in a kiddie tabletop and cranked a pile of levellers all in one day.. give that man a rubber biscuit.
all the usual heavy hitting regulars were in attendance except for a certain bar man!!
the youth have not heard about the construction bubble bursting, they are expanding like crazy. the new table bermy line that they are building is starting to take shape, i dont know where the finance is coming from there.

SPIN TO WIN FOOLS!!!! Paddys day trails should be treats

someone has been watching 'chase hawk how too' videos

i got my new 21.25 deluxe frame, she works good for bar twisters

Will ya get that feckin yoke level

Jaysus the wolfe is gonna turn into a table some of these days soon...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

i had to work in donegal today. got a sneaky surf in, BOO YEAH

Quinner, what were you playing at in monkstown, you missed out

its all pretty and shit

donnacha disguised as a treehouse

it was around this moment that i gave wolfie 30:1 odds that he wont get through all of magnum on his first attempt...... are you gonna cash in wolfe or wha?

Saturday, 6 March 2010

ah shit these pics are in reverse, fuck it you get the idea. 4th reich

today was an amazing day at the trails... im a happy boy

deadly session today, after spending about an hour fixing all the damage done by fucking assholes who case the shit out of everything during the week and do a shit half assed job trying to fix up their damage.

after that it was an amazing day. joey brought along his badass camera and he took some deadly pics. cian the bean even showed up for a little roll. the magnum trains were running non stop. the jele fella took a test spin all the way down the new 4th reich line, virgin territory, fucker is not affraid to be a crash test dummy.. boo yeah, more tomorrow please

paul bar twistin on notorious

donnacha leaning a bit to the right

jele tabling the bag out of her

smiles for miles

joey is now at home getting drunk off this case

did be not doin any stunts so i did

dommo shredding kiddie line to bits

magnum trains were departing on time all day. donnacha and me along for the ride


if i was jele i wouldnt be getting sick of doin these things for a long time

ZOOOM!!! i love this berm, riding it is an amazing experience

ah jaysus mister, you've a head like a busted bag of chips

i done a oppo leveller so i did on andys bike.. fuckers off surfing anyway
i just seen this on pawoods.
it is just truely inspirational, catty woods people do be good at digging so they do be

Thursday, 4 March 2010

live update from the trails this weekend maybe

Monday, 1 March 2010

weather is looking good

new Dig mag has this amazing article by brian yeagle, just makes me wanna go on a sweet trip with some good friends.

gonna be some sessions to be had this weekend.
myself deirdre and the the two redhead youngfellas got some nice shovel work done last saturday while everybody else was fucking about, riding the skatepark, playing xbox, pulling their mickey, basically just too busy to help. but its ok, im sure everybody will find loads of free time when everything is running good in the summer