Tuesday, 30 June 2009

unemployed bmx summer...BOO YAAA

Alfred, pre PUDDIN. summer jam 09

so i went down to bushy for a bit of a chin wag last night, the commute is a bitch. The place was full of unemployed bmx buglers. cash money is straight from his sun bed session in chartbusters, rocko was whalin on his "dak", donnacha's bike nearly blew away and rory came out of the closet and is now proud to say that he is offically GOOFY, the come up kids were filming comeup clips.... this summer is going to be banging.

after a breif meeting with the resident trails security on saturday, it has come to our attention that work on the PUDDIN section of the project, as detailed in NDP section 12:8.14, is due to commence shortly. Funding for the project of €204.34 per week has yet to be secured but talks are underway.

went to epsom last week to hang out rhyso who lives in little oz. the lads out there seem to have life figured out.. amazing, deadly buzz, here is a video i found on the interweb of their scene

Riffage vs Foliage from Bicycle Union on Vimeo.

Monday, 29 June 2009

the blaze family vacation 09

story boyos. i bring tidings from far away. just a short post, me and the jelly fella have been juicin it up here in van havin some good times we would make the dublin blazers proud. i think since jelly got here all he has seen is the trails and hastings and poco, not bad eh! kush trails just had a trail jam with extra pulp it was sick as! that place is nuts now crazy lines, the long awaited 6th in the mainline got sessioned for the first time, have never seen bikes go that high, amazing! anyhoo il post up some more pics when i get a chance this bolloxy bastard of a poxy laptop might just have lost them all though, well see eh. there will be more photos of trails and good times to come once we fix the technical difficulties. stay tuned.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

what a brilliant photo of alfred by pete that i blatently robbed of theboardroom.ie site!!
hope you have a speedy recovery buddy, and sure you'll still be able to shred the dancefloor.