Monday, 24 August 2009

Annes Jam 13th september

there is word of a getto street jam being organised in tallaght by a few local heavy hitting ruffians on the saturday 12th of september, it sounds like its going to be a good time possibly the following might be seen, little concrete hip additions, dirt quarter, getto street jump box thing, various flat bank shizzle and whatever.

The good people at ANNES figured it would be a good idea to have a trails jam the day after. So get your cooler bags and BBQ gear ready and hit the trails then.
and if anyone is feeling saucy please feel free to come help me dig anytime - much appreciated

John RAD as hell on a bike that is probably older than me

The old boss McGar pannie

McGar thinking "this is gonna fucking hurt my back tomorrow"

Carrot Arse

X-Gaymes gold..Quinner does this trick so often that he Yawns every time he does it now

here is pile of pictures that joey took on one of the monday eve OAP session about a month ago.

Lots of digging has been going on lately in between surfing missions. Puddin is pretty much finished, the last jump ended up turning into quite a bit of a big jump... its a 90degree hip, 6 1/2 foot lip, 2-3 foot step up with a fair old gap. you'll want to be hitting her at a fair few knots.
The 5th landing on magnum has grown a bit(gotta get bigger) with a sneaky little berm to the left coming out of the landing and leading into the berm to the right. Hopefully it will be finished this week making magnum officially an amazing as fuck line.

this just makes me wanna go surf and ride

Thursday, 20 August 2009


quinner bossstevo boss

got some nice shots of the boys shredding last monday. magnum got shredded hard!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

forgot i had this photo. this is guy called pedro and he likes to juice!!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Trail Blazers

stevo boss

no. 7
the east atlantic trail boss has been busy. annes is looking amazing right now, it looks like magnum finally ate his meat and is now ready for his puddin, and he does be havin a bit of a sweet tooth!!

Monday, 3 August 2009

America! fuck ye!

post trails session, two broken wrists!
self timer lake jump
jerome and kc rush hour at the trails
chill time with some NWC
this country wasent fouded eating half sandwiches thats for sure.

me and the jely fella hit up america to drink cold beer and eat fries. we had an epic time staying with jerome and matt, who are by the way workaholics, there gonna have heart attacks by the time there 30, chill guys! thanks a bunch to DC and frazel to for hangin out with us. unortunatly i got takin out riding the trails but it was so good, guys your spot is amazing thanks for letting us ride, and maybe we will have better luck next time were out.