Monday, 18 May 2009

Jam / Aussie death match 30th may

it came as no surprise that this weekend was going to piss rain, just because we spent hours watering down the jumps the week before.. it always rains just after we water the jumps...
rory decided that he had way more fun things to do than spend all day helping us dig in the rain. but at least he called me up to check that we were still working away while he was "swaning around"up in rostrevor. Hopefully Jay doesn't turn out like that!!!!
Annes is looking so amazing right now, i cant believe how much better things have got lately. sweet.
The clock is ticking down for the aussie death match at the jam. Rhyso from the sydney Vs. Luke from perth.. ITS ON!!!! get your ringside tickets here

Thursday, 7 May 2009

so this is how we roll all up in this piece

andy has been getting into his digging zone lately, somehow managing to incorporate some sweet dance moves in there too.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Jaysus... 3 more weekends till the jam, some serious digging is going on.
magnum is now even more awesomer
the technodrome has ate about 4 kgs of steriods. there is now mansize jumps into and out of tight berms... HU HA!!
Donnacha has taken over the shite berm at the end of magnum, its his now, andy is off the hook. so anybody that has any complaints about it, please direct them towards donnacha in writing.
the young guns started working on the x gaymes line, that shit is gonna be off the hizzey.

im gonna upload photos in about 4 months, maybe sooner if i get around to it... happy windy tuesday