Friday, 17 May 2013

The McNally men are stepping up their game

Disc brake cruising through Magnum, no bother. even if he is on a mtb The world champion karate/kayaker/frame cracking brother is next!!! Awesome

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Join the Club - Step by step guide

Folloing all the behind the scenes talk regarding making the trails an official trails facility, we need to get all riders to join the St Annes BMX Co-Op Club.
For insurance reasons, it is important that everybody who rides the jumps sign up to this.
Please support this to help make Annes a legimite trails facility.

1 - Go to cycling ireland homepage -

2 - Select Register Now

3 - Click option to join club

4 - Type "annes" into search box and hit enter. Then select St Annes BMX Co-op and hit continue

5 - Enter personal details. Following this, St Annes BMX sectretary will approve member to join.

Easy Peasy