Friday, 9 October 2009

Groundbreaking New Video part!!!

Brian Yeagle from Pete_G on Vimeo.

Yeagle, Who Brought the Dicks from before my time.... Love it.

Couple of good gym sessions went on this week. wolfie and donnacha are soon gonna be looking like this if they stick to their personalised training program.

6th landing is WOOAAAHH and the berm before puddin is no longer a berm, its an experience.
i never think to bring my camera out so no pics.
Come help dig and see for yourself.

On a sad note, one of our beloved "Trail Boss" shovels snapped (andys one) yesterday, i think i had too much wheetabix for brekky. Anyway it made me think, i dont want to spend any more of my money on tools for the trails that I dig and other people seem to think its fine to come and TAKE TAKE TAKE, NO dig ALL ride... so if you are one of those few people and you want to ride give me money for new tools. No shit!!!!

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  1. Here Here, know how that feels steveo, when im up next i'll get you a decent trail boss boss...boss