Tuesday, 7 December 2010


click the picture to see it bigger.
once that massive landing and berm gets built on 4th reich so much shit will open up.
i reckon a few serious heavy digging days after christmas will get a lot of that landing and berm built. there is a couple of fallen trees that we can chop and use for filler too.
also i reckon making the OAP tables bigger would be good and put in a step up trick jumps after them...
its gonna be sweet.
- technodrome will join into 3rd on kiddies.
- after magnum/notorious you will be able to join into kiddies extension for a mega long run.
- there is gonna be a new lip after 3rd on notorious to join into the bottom end of 4th reich
- leslar is gonna get bigger
if you have any other good ideas send em in on a postcard

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