Thursday, 10 February 2011

mostly when im pretending to be working im looking at this shit

i've been loving the ride on blog. its reminding me of how all the good times to be had in van.
muffins little propaganda page is a good activity for work hours too.

its been raining loads so in theory its perfect digging weather, especially perfect for fixing up all this new shit thats getting built
there has been non stop awesome waves happening for the past while. this weekend will be the same.

If anyone fancies doing some unsupervised digging this weekend, or anytime actually, then go nuts. would be awesome to get those new left hand hips huckable in the near future.

it would be pretty sick to get the second of the 2 new hips to be something like this one from villij. I robbed this pic off the union site.

im gonna be back on the digging buzz the weekend after this one.. gotta have em in good shape for the election

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