Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tis' the season to be diggin...

Merry chrimbo and a Happy New Year from the Juiceboss grinch's....
I heard i missed out on an amazing session on St. Stephen Beirnes day....Home town hero Rory jet jetted in for a shred with a few of the locals crawling out of hibernation to take part in the sesh on the eve of the TWENTYINCH bmx christmas drinks.

The boys where proper pumped up for the TWENTYINCH bmx bash...That's all i can say about that...leave your phone in the bowl at the door. What happens in Flannerys, stays in Flannerys.

A few managed to get out for a trails sesh the following day...it was amazing..six lines going on the 27th of December...who'd a thunk it. Pete Conway got some photos of the days riding.

Adam aka Scribbles... Sweet Can-can on Shakira........Photo:Pete Conway

Steveo with enough degrees? Answers on a postcard.......Photo:Pete Conway

Brazwilliam, whip on Shakira....JOOOOHNNNNNYEEE.......Photo:Pete Conway

Rory lookin' a bit lost, probably cant believe hes ridin' trails in December in ireland........Photo:Pete Conway
Steveo, chuffed..full stop........Photo:Pete Conway

Theres been lots on digging going on...mainly by the usual suspects..So JUICEBOSS NEEDS YOU!. For those of you who've been hibernating for the winter we wanna have a big push on making the fifth landing bigger. So get wheel barrows, shovels etc down to Annes this Saturday/Sunday for a mammoth dig. Many hands make light work...While the fifth is being built up it will be out of action...so the more diggers the quicker the line opens up again. Theres lots more in the pipeline so lets get a move on.

For those who forgot, Hippie talks us throught how to fix a landin'...take note slackers

Roll on 2012.

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