Sunday, 14 October 2012

look at that stuff, incredible. 2012 has been the shittiest summer for the trails that I have ever experienced. Maybe we will get to ride some more in the winter!!!! someday we will start to regulary upload pics of the trails here... right now though, the motivation is just not there. so instead of photo's here is some of those word things that you use to describe stuff. we spent yesterday digging because it was a bit damp, hoping that all would be nice and dry for a little shred today. and of course it went and pissed down this morning, this is becoming all too familiar. on a good note, because of all this rain there has been lots of new building going on. slider baby, lovelyville and legion all getting lots of work done to them, wont be long before those lines are running. 2nd on magnum and got a savage overhaul too. Now all that is left to do on magnum is change the 4th from a long and low into a tall juicey number, Build the berm after the 5th bigger and fatter, make the 6th landing way bigger and then remodel the 7th... easy peasy!! technoJOE is in the middle of some sweet dialling too.

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