Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Are you takin' the mick?

This has been annoying me for a while now. Where are the Annes locals and why aren't they taking care of the trails? Granted i haven't been down at the trails in a good while, but the lads who ride it on the regular need to step up and look after the place.

Lips and landings were hanging especially shakira, bits fallin' out of em, litter etc. Generally, if Stevo isn't on your case the it's a free for all. This is bollix. The only time pimpin' gets done is when Steveo shits the bed about the state of the jumps. I think hes done enough diggin to warrant you lads pickin up some of the slack. Use and abuse is not BMX at all.

If you've no tools then get some, spend some cash, watering cans are priority.

The chains are a looming. . .


  1. dam fucking straight! anyone who rides the trails without watering or brushing them should be shot. dont have have a brush? buy one!

  2. too right jele, there are a few people who do more than their fair share of work but there is way too many freeloaders.
    it pisses me off way too much. fuck it.

    We really could get shit loads of amazing stuff built over the next few months to make up for it.... although that wont happen without everybody stepping up and taking some responsibility for the trails.
    Lets make it happen!
    anyone who does not, please fuck off.