Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Digging this weekend men.

Gonna get the ball rolling on knocking some shit hot jumps together.

There are some awesome ideas floating around for new jumps/lines to be built this winter. Lets get some good digging momentum going this weekend so hopefully we can have some deadly lines to ride next year

There is a good few people on for digging on sunday.
I wont be around on saturday but if anybody feels like leading the charge then please do, that would be good.
The plan so far is to get rid of that abortion of a kids tabletop(the 2nd one) and ship all of the dirt from it down to the massive new berm. When that shit dirt is all gone we will be down to the savage dirt so we can then build up the lip and landing on the 6th of kiddies and the 6th of 4th reich and maybe even get a layer of good dirt on the massive berm at the end.

Bring tools if you can. we dont have enough for everybody. shovels and wheelbarrows mainly

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