Saturday, 6 March 2010

today was an amazing day at the trails... im a happy boy

deadly session today, after spending about an hour fixing all the damage done by fucking assholes who case the shit out of everything during the week and do a shit half assed job trying to fix up their damage.

after that it was an amazing day. joey brought along his badass camera and he took some deadly pics. cian the bean even showed up for a little roll. the magnum trains were running non stop. the jele fella took a test spin all the way down the new 4th reich line, virgin territory, fucker is not affraid to be a crash test dummy.. boo yeah, more tomorrow please

paul bar twistin on notorious

donnacha leaning a bit to the right

jele tabling the bag out of her

smiles for miles

joey is now at home getting drunk off this case

did be not doin any stunts so i did

dommo shredding kiddie line to bits

magnum trains were departing on time all day. donnacha and me along for the ride


if i was jele i wouldnt be getting sick of doin these things for a long time

ZOOOM!!! i love this berm, riding it is an amazing experience

ah jaysus mister, you've a head like a busted bag of chips

i done a oppo leveller so i did on andys bike.. fuckers off surfing anyway

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