Monday, 29 March 2010

Jaysus what a hectic weekend

These trails aint giving no period refief these days; image by donnacha

The pocket pussey dies, germans made this thing from swiss cheese

Meat flying visit spring 10

The meatman called down for a quick visit on his visa hop trip before he had to get back up to the crucibal for his snooker showdown of fury. good sesh was had in bobby bushey on sunday with a few hangovers floating about after the redneck gig on sat nighT. Trains and collisions were plentyfull

Trails on saturday was banging. it started a bit wet and slippy but bit of digging to pass the time and it dried up to have dialled as fuck session in the evening..... fucking carnage, andy got no period relief because he didnt even get as far as the period relief line, those rollers are mean and vicious, got served.
dan wolfe snapped that pocket pussey glory hole thing that he has been riding for about 3 weeks.
rory smashed his head pretty hard, lucky it was his head, not some part of his body that carries out any sort of function, little headache and he was grand.
jele done a handbraker over the 4th on magnum but forgot to put his hand back on the steering wheel, but still wellied into the 5th, haha, the fucker went flying on his arse from about 10ft up. The wolf mans brake goes on and off more times that the fucking toilet seat in the dhc goes up and down... oh man what a good day

Jeles lidl shovel is amazing for shaping fresh dirt. im off to buy one this evening

This mike aitken interview is pretty awesome, read it

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