Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Please Read

As you might have heard, Anne's is at serious risk of getting plowed.
the head of the park is not happy about the way the place has expanded so much lately and has threatened to flatten the place within 2 weeks unless some serious steps are made.
We are trying to organise a massive cleanup/overhaul/landscaping job for the next few days.
We need to get as much help as possible every day until Monday.
You can get in touch with with any of us to arrange helping out
me0863110281 rory0863670881 andy0879620027 jele0879632893
Please bring your own tools if you can, we only have a small amount of our own. shovels, picks, barrows, bin bags. we need a lot of rakes to level out the rough ground so if you can manage to bring one that would be wicked.
Please pass this on to as many people as possible to spread the word.
This is quite serious, if do not come to some agreement with the park the the jumps most definitely will be flattened.
The future of the jumps depends on your help

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