Tuesday, 16 March 2010

sunny saturdays

another weekend of amazing trails, we are on a roll. the wolf man chipped his tooth, filled in a kiddie tabletop and cranked a pile of levellers all in one day.. give that man a rubber biscuit.
all the usual heavy hitting regulars were in attendance except for a certain bar man!!
the youth have not heard about the construction bubble bursting, they are expanding like crazy. the new table bermy line that they are building is starting to take shape, i dont know where the finance is coming from there.

SPIN TO WIN FOOLS!!!! Paddys day trails should be treats

someone has been watching 'chase hawk how too' videos

i got my new 21.25 deluxe frame, she works good for bar twisters

Will ya get that feckin yoke level

Jaysus the wolfe is gonna turn into a table some of these days soon...

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