Monday, 22 March 2010

Get yer bleedin laughing gear around this love

Spin to win, quinner got a surprise visit from the winning streak crew when they called to his mansion in drumcondra after he 450'd the last jump. Kathern Thomas was a wet thing and wanted to pull the mickey off him. poor richie ended up with yer man, he was pissed cause he wanted marty whelan! fact

Get some, those long handeled ones are badass for shaping shit in. They are really really good, stock up cheapskates. they are gonn abe in lidl on thur this week.

redneck manifesto are playing this saturday... fucking shit hot, cant wait for this one!!!

I almost forgot, i saw this on
deffo one of my favourite riders to watch ride trails... amazing

Darin Read BREAKFA$T $HIT from Davey Watson on Vimeo.

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